TransFender garage


GTA V Props & textures conversion

For this mod I’ll try to convert most of GTA V props and textures to SA. I’ll post updates frequently.

(click with middle mouse button to see them directly in full resolution)

More screens of wasted time


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Abandoned factory

Abandoned factory

I wanted to model a small scene for Vice City to see what I could do in a limited time and created this.


Horror project – WIP Gameplay on testmap

WIP Gameplay on testmap

This mod may not go to waste after all, I wrote a quick story for the mod, I have all the ideas that I always had on my mind of the perfect total conversion mod (to me) since I started modding and I can finally manifest them in the game……. by learning scripting, thing I’ve never liked but mhey I can’t do this mod without it so yeah, I still have a long way to go.


The hud is not ingame yet it’s just a concept.

“Horror Project”

pic1 Sans titre-2 Sans titre-3